Solar Plexus Chakra is responsible for our emotions, thoughts & self control,, low self esteem, depression, anxiety, issues with the pancreas, blood pressure and digestion are often signs of imbalance. 

I made this Solar Plexus Tincture to restore feelings of health, confidence & happiness

Rosemary for improving digestion, inflammation, protecting neurological function & improving memory. 

Lemon Balm restores the nervous system, indigestion, acid reflux & irritability, feelings of ease,  happiness, lightness, cognitive health. 

Wild Mint Promotes alertness, headaches, aids digestion body aches & pains, slightly numbs the skin surface relieving pain from stinging, itchy skin & skin irritations. 

Calendula calms soft tissues, treats ulcers, helps muscle fatigue, aides digestion, treats diarrhea. Fennel treats stomach spasms, regulates blood sugar, ulcerative colitis, ibs, anti fungal, anti yeast, inflammation, promotes healthy sleep & weight loss. 

Ginger chronic indigestion, weight loss, nausea, lowers blood sugar, osteoarthritis, aides immune system, cleans liver 

 1oz bottle~Ingredients: fennel, mint, rosemary, calendula, ginger, lemon balm, grain alcohol 

Tincture Dosage:This varies depending on the person
a good starting point for an adult is 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon(one  dropper full), taken up to several times a day if needed
Since tinctures can be rough to take straight I mix it into a spoonful of honey to make it pleasant to take if needed or dilute in water/juice for easy drinking 

All our plants for herbal medicine are foraged from the wild

Solar Plexus Tincture