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Solar Plexus Chakra is responsible for our emotions, thoughts & self control,low self esteem, depression, anxiety, issues with the pancreas, blood pressure & digestion are often signs of imbalance. I made this Solar Plexus to restore feelings of health, confidence & happiness

In it is~

-Rosemary digestion, inflammation, neurological function & memory

-Lemon Balm stress, anxiety, insomnia & depression, calms upset stomachs, indigestion, headaches, sleep & relaxation

-Wild Mint alertness, headaches, digestion, body aches & pain

-Calendula digestion, immune booster, calms soft tissues, treats ulcers, diarrhea & muscle fatigue

-Fennel stomach spasms, regulates blood sugar, ulcerative colitis, ibs, anti fungal, anti yeast, inflammation, sleep & weight loss.

-Ginger chronic indigestion, weight loss, nausea, lowers blood sugar, osteoarthritis, immune support, cleans liver

-Oregon Grape Root stimulates the liver, cleanse the blood, gallbladder, & spleen alleviating the symptoms caused by weakness in these organs, including headaches, digestion problems, it’s antibacterial & helps uti’s, lung infections, staph, strep & mrsa, balances intestinal flora, works both externally & internally to treat acne, boils, wounds, psoriasis, eczema, herpes & fungal conditions

1oz bottle~Ingredients: fennel, mint, rosemary, calendula, ginger, lemon balm, oregon grape root & grain alcohol

*This varies depending on the person~a good starting point for an adult is 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon(one dropper full), taken up to a several times per day if needed

Solar Plexus

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