warming & mildly drying lymphatic, blood/fluid mover. It has an affinity for the tissues and region of the pelvis and liver/portal vein system & respiratory system.  It is a stimulant, decongestant, chologouge, expectorant, and mild emmengouge.

It improves digestion of and assimilation of dietary fats, improving the uptake of lipids from the liver/portal vein blood and intestines into the mesentery (digestive lymphatic tissue) and pelvic lymphatic tissue.  It stimulates bile production and secretions by the liver and gall bladder.  It moves stagnant qi, energy, blood, mucous, and intracellular fluid in the pelvic region or lungs outward, upward and downward.  It decongests respiratory tissue and excess mucous by increasing secretions to move stagnant fluids out through productive coughing.

1oz bottle~Ingredients: tundra rose, grain alcohol

*This varies depending on the person~a good starting point for an adult is 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon(one dropper full), taken up to a several times per day if needed